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Modern Armenian
  You'd be amazed how much you can communicate if you have a reasonable command of 50-100 well-chosen words and phrases and use a bit of ingenuity to make yourself understood.

These materials aim to equip you with basic phrases and vocabulary for everyday family and church situations: greetings, introductions, small talk, toasts, compliments, table talk, and simple expressions involving numbers: age, family members, time. Master these you should be able to navigate in Armenian speaking environments.

Western Armenian is largely used in the part of Armenia west of Mt. Ararat and Eastern Armenian in part of Armenia east of Mt. Ararat. While there are some difference in pronunciation, grammar and spelling, all forms of Armenian share a substantial amount of vocabulary and use the same alphabet.

It is a good idea to become familiar with both, so if you know one, consider learning and practicing the other. If you don't know either, then start with the pronunciation people around you speak.

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